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Escape To Cali - Colombia - South America

The Music and The Party

Cali is not the birthplace of Salsa music, but the city has long adopted the rhythm, making it the official music of Cali. Known for its footwork, Cali Style Salsa is on a level of its own, and shows like Delirio have put Cali on the international stage.

Every December, starting on Christmas Day and running through the 30th, Cali hosts one of the biggest parties in Colombia, La Feria de Cali. Going on it’s 62nd year (2019), the Cali Fair is a Salsa showcase, with different venues spread throughout the city, each day with new performers and lots of free shows. It’s a great way to explore the rich Salsa tradition as well as the traditions of Pacific Music and other local genres.

Whatever your flavor, Cali has you covered. Just bring your dance shoes!

The best Salsa clubs in Colombia are of course found in Cali, and each one has a particular night when the dance floor is hot and Caleños bring out the footwork. It’s rare to meet a Caleño, of any age, who doesn’t dance Salsa. If you can move to the beat, it’s a great way to meet locals and to truly feel the energy and passion behind Caleño life. If you don’t dance Salsa and want to learn, you’re in the best place!

The Salsa Schools in Cali are abundant and group classes are available, as well as private Salsa lessons for those who want more attention or are still shy about dancing in front of others.

Salsa isn’t the only music that Caleños enjoy dancing too. Many clubs play Crossover music, switching between Salsa, Reggaeton, and Pop music, aiming to satisfy a larger crowd of people. Salsa Choke (Salsa Crash) is a very popular style of Salsa, originating in Cali and started by the Afro-Colombian population of the city. It mixes Salsa with Reggaeton or Hip-Hop, or both, as well as Colombian Pacific Coast sounds. These songs often have their own dances, as in the popular Ras Tas Tas   that the Colombian National Team danced to in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Electronic Music is growing in popularity in Cali , though the only real venue that caters 100% to the genre is Club Eliptica, located in Menga, the Party Zone of Cali.  Here parties go until the sun comes up and DJ’s from all over the world have graced its fresh Andean location. For the Electronic Music enthusiast, it’s one place you don’t want to miss in all of Colombia.

Whatever your flavor, Cali has you covered. Just bring your dance shoes!


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